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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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fire lieutenant matthew letourneau. the viewing is underway in philadelphia tonight. he was killed when part of a burning row home collapsed on him. and the civilian was found dead in the house on the 2200 block of north colorado street. federal authorities are try to determine what sparked the fire. christie aleto is live outside of the cathedral basilica this evening. >> firefighters came from across the region to say good-bye tonight haven't they? >> reporter: that is right. a somber scene here outside of the basilica, the first of two public viewings here and the doors opened a half hour ago and look at this line of mourners including friends and colleagues and strangers paying their respects at one point the line was wrapping around the block and the snapshot of the type of manufacture -- man he was.
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a parade of police cars following the hearse. >> it's a risk we take on because any call could be your last call. >> colleagues from other departments lined up outside of the church to pay respects. the 32 died after being pinned under falling rubble and debris and they are taking the row home piece by piece to determine the cause of the fire and reason for the collapsed floor that dropped him in the blaze. >> it's a call you don't want to get. it's sad and tragic. he was an all around guy. you know, from springfield to philadelphia. >> leeann says that she and her husband worked with letourneau. >> when lieutenant matt was at 57th, i knew him when he was
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there. funny. always willing to help. always involved. all the stories you have heard about him are true. >> again back out live a look at all the mourners that are trying to get into the church to pay their final respects tonight and the public viewing lasts until 9:00 this evening and another one will happen at 9:00 a.m. and the funeral will follow shortly after tomorrow. live at the the basilica channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 12 hour standoff in gloucester county camden county ended when the authorities went inside of the home and found the s&p dead from self-inflicted injuries. the police had to lock the community down after the suspect fired at police officers. and a woman was taken out of the home unjuried and is being interviewed by police. we'll have more in the next half hour. south jersey lawyer, james
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kauffman made his first appearance. they are accused of a murder for hire plan that ended in the death of his wife, april. prosecutors allege that he arranged the murder because she threatened to expose the illegal activity with the pagan motorcycle gang and why kauffman himself was transferred to another facility tonight at 6:00. a bucks county woman is under arrest after losing a bag of heroin outside of a middle school. natasha willis admitted she accidentally put a bag of drugs outside of her vehicle, there were four bricks of heroin packaged for sale. a street value of $100,000. willis was arraigned by a judge and held on $750,000 bail. the search continues for two women that drugged a man in a bar and took him to the hotel room and robbed him late last month.
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>> according to police in bensalem, authorities say they made out with the victim's cell phone wallet and keys and cell phone and spend $8,000 on his credit cards on new years day. he had no reclation of what happened at the the bar and waking up in the hotel room. police were able to obtain the photos of the suspects when he was using the man's credit cards in new jersey. a high school football star facing serious criminal charges appeared before a judge today. as shred planned out he is planning for his future while still dealing with the president. >> ashane young age 18 left cord today where he faces armed robbery charges stemming from a case last summer. this is young last july 30th preparing to rob this wawa on columbus boulevard where his brother was assistant manager.
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the pair hatched a scheme with him opening the safe and the gunman escaped with $13,500. >> and they are alleged to have robbed the wawa in south field. young received as many as 30 scholarship offers from the top colleges. it looked like he was headed to penn state and now accused of being a felon along with his brother. the lawyers had these comments outside of court today. >> he is innocent until proven guilty and still furthering his studies and still working out and looking forward to furthering his career as well as his education. >> he was working and he was robbed that is not a crime. he and his older brother are due back in court to enter pleas of not guilty. what will become of young's
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football career remains an open question as of now. turning to our weather you can't ask for a more pleasant winter day tonight. that is our temple university camera, upper 50s today enjoy it while you can. cecily tynan at the "action news" big board with the latest. >> reporter: it feels like spring than winter today. 58 degrees the high in philadelphia. that is 18 degrees above normal. mild and 54 currently. and charleston, west virginia 58 and they hit 70. colder air arrives quickly on saturday. chicago 54, 300 miles away des moines the air temperature is 12 degrees and that moves in during the day on saturday. and between the two air mass we have a lot of rain. double scan live radar showing a potent storm system with two low pressures, this low pressure tracks well up to the northern then one down to the south that
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has tropical moisture than will move right over us early saturday morning. so as this system pulls in the rain moves in. future tracker 6 showing 8:00 tomorrow morning. generally light rain and fog for your morning commute. and allow extra time by friday and the rain intensifies and we are looking a pretty good soaking. fog developing overnight and could be dense and an accuweather alert posted. near record warmth and physical not a record but the lehigh valley and berks county and the poconos likely new record highs and a couple inks of rain that could cause street flooding and temperatures drop quickly on saturday. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. meantime, chopper 6 hd over south philadelphia and lincoln financial field and as cecily mentioned the temperatures warmed up and the icy conditions
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in the stands are gone for now and the stadium getting ready to welcome the birds and their fans for the eagles first playoff game on saturday against atlanta. the eagles moved their practice from the nova care complex to the linc and they are a 3 point underdog against the falcons but never lost a home playoff game in the divisional round. nick foles and the birds are hyped up and ready to go. jaime apody has more coming up in the next half hour. and we want to see your team spirit. if you love the birds, share your photos or videos with us, use #6abcaction on twitter or post them on the "action news" facebook wall. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. >> if you love traffic -- pat pellman in the traffic center. >> may be the only one that loves traffic because it keeps me employed. we have plenty of it.
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vine street expressway underneath the ben franklin parkway a crash here now gone. still busy though. traveling westbound on the vine, you see the taillights under the overpass headed to the schuylkill expressway and expect extra traffic in logan square and the basilica for the service for lieutenant matt you letourneau. and crash on the ben franklin bridge is gone and now one in camden 676 at morgan boulevard away from the ben franklin bridge, and crash near the route 1 media bypass is gone but slow. and else why where in delco. and in berks county a big delay i-78 it appears to get better
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and this crash near 863 is in the process of clearing and a downed pole closing stoney hill road and edgewood road can get you around it. and in pen sansauken you don't t to get on 130 sing isle digit speeds and cuthbert boulevard an alternate in that area. the lineup for the 2018 firefly festival in dover, delaware. ren direction lamar and the arctic monkeys and killers are all headlining and lil wayne will be there and tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. the full list is on our website at >> all right more ahead on "action news" thursday night. we now know what was taken from inside of that luxury paris hotel last evening and how sophisticated the operation was.
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we'll tell you what police have to say about the multimillion-dollar heist. and one of the most crucial elements to medical care what they are saying about saline solution. -♪ well, i'm trying to get home ♪
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paris police discovered the jewels at the ritz hotel after a dramatic heist and they are serving for the two thieves and the missing merchandise. all told $5.5 million worth of bling was taken and four thieves broke the schoolry stands and threw bags of goods out the window to two accomplices waiting outside. it's reminiscent of the theft against kim kardashian. >> and the house is poised to pass a bill for a key program and it comes with an important tweak. right now lets go to health check, the shortage of iv fluid bags bad to work.
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ali gorman is at the big board with the story. >> there was a shortage before this but damage from the hurricanes that hit puerto rico made things much worse now many of the factories in puerto rico have been hit and damaged and that is causing the problem and the bad flu season is making things worse. the hospital of the university of pennsylvania use 2,000 iv a day to deliver medication and more for treating dehydrated patients and a month ago small bags were in the tightest supply and now it expanded to include other sizes including solutions. >> they tend to be sporadic as far as vailability. we know less about the future of
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what we'll get as far as products in the pipeline. and just the overall understanding of what we are doing tends to be more on a short-term basis than in the past. >> factories in puerto rico now have power but still have outages and that is slowing down production and the fda says that shortages should ease in the fext next few weeks. >> if you eat a lot of salad there is information you need to know about the outbreak linked to lettuce, it struck 16 states include pennsylvania and new jersey. in the u.s. and canada 66 people have gotten sick and two have died. they pointed to romaine lettuce as the source and the cdc says that leafy greens are the likely source but are not ruling out romaine and consumer reports
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reports disagrees. >> we think it's important to avoid eating romaine lettuce until the cause of this outbreak is determined. >> washing lettuce and products tainted with e. coli will not remove bacteria, if are you in doubt go ahead and throw it out. some companies like wendy's fast food chain and compass have voluntarily withdrawn all romaine for now. in other news more than two dozen wigs were donated to women battling cancer, they were given to the fight like a girl foundation at the cancer sentner center city. the high end wigs were created by local stylists and experts say that the wigs can get a woman a sense of beauty and confidence as they continue theirtremes. organizers have a goal of collecting 100 wigs.
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wal-mart is raising the minimum wage in the wake of the new tax law and workers get a one time bonus of $1,000 and
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paid maternity leave will be expanded to 10 weeks for full-time weeker after they say they are closing 63 sams clubs across the country including princeton new jersey. it's up clear how many jobs will be lost with the closures. and the line was around the wlok to attend a job fair with the housing authority and the school district today. attendees could apply on site for the school districts instructional support and food services and transportation and maintenance positions. more than 150 full-time opportunities were available. and the house arranged a key intelligence collect program and comes with a tweak, it would require the fbi to get a warrant if they want to view the communications of americans swept if the process and it allows spy agencies to conduct surveillance on foreign nation
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as broad and they would sign the bill that would extend it six years. and delaware will soon have a food hall. the space will be located at 10th and orange streets at the dupont building and it's slated to debut this year and serve seven days a week.
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time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist cecily tynan here now with the warm details and the wet details as well. >> warm and wet tomorrow and then cold of the weekend. and it's a nice looking sunset and sky 6 hd looking at the senter city skyline and the sunsetting at 4:56 and i painted the same sunset. that is just a joke. you see the breaks in the clouds and generally more clouds than sunshine and the clouds continue to thicken tonight and fog developing and the rain is moving in. and look at these temperatures, doesn't feel like january. 54 in philadelphia down from 58. and they set a record high at 62 at atlantic city airport. and the poconos mild 46 degrees. all this have mild air is pulling up ahead of the developing storm system.
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it's a big storm. there is one low near chicago and another one across the deep south. the sec low pulls up tropical moisture and brings us rain on and off through the day tomorrow and into saturday. so tonight it will be mild and temperatures only dropping into the mid to upper 40s and fog developing overnight. and we could have dense fog tomorrow morning and future tracker 6 showing by 7:00 in the morning we have generally light showers and doesn't look like a heavy, steady rain early but by 1:00 it's starting to fill in especially north and west. by 4:00 in the afternoon. it's pouring and we get a break if the action friday night and then a second low develops and this moves in early morning on saturday about 4:30 and even a rumble of thunder and the poibs could be freezing rain. future tracker 6 showing friday into saturday morning we are looking at a good soaking especially philadelphia and areas northwest.
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right along the shore .50 to .75. allentown an inch and the poconos could get 3 inches of rain and win gusting 30 to who miles per hour from the south. an accuweather alert rainy and warm with morning fog. the high 64 degrees and feeling like spring and back to reality on saturday. temperatures falling through the 30s bundle up if you head to the eagles game and windchills in the teens and 20s. and sunday it's cold and 27 and monday for the holiday increasing clouds and 30 and tuesday a chance of light snow, 34 degrees and behind tuesday's system colder i'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. don't get used to temperatures in the 60s. >> we have been warned. still ahead in our next half hour off "action news" at 5:30
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the human toll is still not known in the mudslides in california. we go live.
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"action news" delaware continu continues. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. a long time seasonal diner goes up in flames leaving customers and owners devastated. we are live with the latest on that investigation. and plus after a magical season it comes down to this, the eagles take on the falcons on saturday. and jaime apody has a look at the quarterback situation for both teams. now the details, search crews are combing through heavy debris and wreckage in southern california hoping to locate the viers of the deadly mudslides. 17 people were killed and eight remain missing and hundreds of homes severely damaged or
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destroyed. marcy gonzales joins us with the latest this evening. >> reporter: rick, while communities here in los angeles county are cleaning up the focus in santa barbara county is on the urgent effort led by 500 first responders and volunteers. k-9s collecting through the thick muck and desperately looking for survivors in southern california. >> i have lived through fires and earthquakes, i have never seen anything like that it's devastating. >> this triggered gas line explosions that sent the white family scrambling to safety. >> we left the house we were not scared of the flood we thought it was the fire. >> but the fast rushing mud strarnded them in a park until
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they were rescued by helicopter. >> oh my god mom! >> marco reporting as the mud surged town his street and into his home. >> wake dad up! >> the family stuck in thigh high mud until they were rescued. >> i turned and pop guised to my folks because i did not force them to evacuation. >> emotions are high with 17 people in the community now confirmed dead. >> i know people already personally would have died. after days of searching -- >> i'm fighting with all of my heart -- >> robert learns his mother rebecca a prominent realtor here is among those killed. >> eight owners are among the missing. >> there are still areas they have not been able to access there is a chance that some of the missing could be found
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alive. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. >> in washington today lawmakers are working toward a deal to protect young immigrants from deportation and strengthen border security. six senators, three republicans and three democrats say they have the support to push the deal through congress but this afternoon the white house spokesperson says that no such deal is reached. president trump took part in a session in prison reform and asked about his annual physical set for tomorrow. >> i think it will go very well. i will be surprised if it doesn't. >> the president went on to say if it doesn't go well the stock market will be unhappy. the examine the first as commander and chief will be conducted by doctors at walter reed medical center. it comes amid questions about his health and mental fitness. and more coming up on the mudslides at 6:30 after "action
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news." a diner in south jersey was severely damaged by fire. the customers and owners are trying to figure out where to go from here. jeff is live at the scene with the story. >> reporter: rick, first and foremost nobody was hurt. this restaurant served customers here in berlin under different names, the most recent grand reopening happened in october and this remains closed for the foreseeable future and they try to figure out how this place went up if fire. >> from chopper 6 hd you can see a giant hole in the roof of the country town diner on the white horse pike. investigators are scene combing through the charred remains of a long time restaurant that served customers for decades. >> totally shocked we had just been here. >> we have lost another
5:35 pm
business. >> and fire crews found flames shooting from the building and the fire broke out an hour or so after the diner closed for the night. >> they are heavy fire conditions on the second floor and the fire department put it out. >> state and local fire marshals were on scene to determine a cause and the diner changed hands last year and the new owner apparently improved the place. >> it was nice and it looks like they had fixed it up and everything. the waitress was nice. >> we were coming here for years and they were very, very nice. >> for much of the afternoon the investigators waited for machinery needed to gain access to where the fire started. >> could this be a case of arson. >> he says it's early in the investigation to say it's arson. >> there are other steps in the
5:36 pm
process and we may have to move from this location to follow-up on other things. >> reporter: investigators have left this scene for the night. a police officer remains here just to keep tabs on everything sfwh as for the future of this diner that remains unclear. the owner declined to speak to "action news." channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an american airlines flight bound for london was forced to land if philadelphia because of a disruptive passenger, american airlines flight 732 took off from charlotte douglas airport and a female suffered a medical issue and the pilot landed the jet at philadelphia international airport. and law enforcement met them and now the plane will land in london a bit ago. and the philadelphia home show opened this friday, and the action cam was in the pennsylvania convention center where the nearly 300 vendors were busy setting up the booths
5:37 pm
and they expect 50,000 people to come to the show the next two weekends. top designers including tyler whistler will be special guests at the show and buy tickets online to save a few colors. former trenton mayor, palmer announced an initiative to prompt children to read. it's a meeting at the end of the month to plan events. experts say that 70% of third graders in urban school districts were not reading on grade level and they hope it fosters a love of reading in youngsters as well as adults. >> time to get a check of the conditions on the roads. matt pellman is here with a closer look uh-oh there are problems behind you there. >> jammed on 676 this is not all that unusual but we had a crash on 676 southbound by morgan
5:38 pm
boulevard that cleared out and now just residual volume on the southbound side headed down to the merge at 42 from the walt whitman bridge and this is unusual. emergency construction in pennsauken along 130 northbound blocks two lanes, single digit speeds coming north of collingswood and you want no parts of this on cuthbert boulevard and 130 is not the place to be this afternoon. >> the vine street expressway plenty of volume under the ben franklin and expect volume and restrictions on 18th and logan square and basilica as the viewing continues for fire lieutenant letourneau. we saw a convoy of buses making their way to the basilica. i'll be here tomorrow morning to help you around the situation for the funeral.
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brookhaven a water main break closing brookhaven road at the walgreens, and out and about in berked county a slow go on the eastbound side of 78 because a crash. old u.s. 22 or 22 could be alternates. back over to you. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" this evening. a revelation from a revolutionary rock store. what eric clapton is dealing with to make him scale down on his performances. and we'll hear from coach peterson about the eagles challenging quarterback situation. >> and it felt more like april than january. the high soared up to 58 degrees, that is 18 degrees above normal. it gets warmer tomorrow but with rain and a big crash in temperatures this weekend. those stories and more when "action news" continues in a moment. we just moved in about four months ago,
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time for sports and jaime is here and the countdown continue for the battle of the birds. >> of course not not this this
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city. i like them. we had to wait four long years for a playoff game and nine long years for a playoff win. why with less than 48 hours ago i feel this impatient still. is it saturday yesterday? they went to the linc to get outside into the elements and the guys picturing the empty stands filled to capacity with a raucous crowd. and few have final in nick foles and his quarterback is handling the pressure well. >> he is the type of guy, i think like most quarterbacks we learn to compartmentalize everything and put it in boxes and check off each box every day and pick sure we are staying focused on the game plan and the guys. he has done a nice job in handling it this week. >> i caught up with sal pal
5:44 pm
antonio. and they are the underdogs, because of nick foles they don't have faith in him. you look at his performance down the stretch he was pulling the ball back a lot jaime and didn't trust his wide receivers and the falcons have two go covers and don't be afraid pull it back and trust yourselfers. >> and matt ryan in penn charter. >> they played well down the stretch. and you know they have to get matt ryan off the spot. they only have nine sacks in their last six games, they must blitz matt ryan and pressure him early and not let him get into any kind of rhythm.
5:45 pm
the special teams cannot make a bad play and allow the falcons to have short field position, if the falcons have to go the length of the field or 80 or 60 yard drys, they can control the line of scrim able to win in a close and low scoring game. i like the eagles winning 19-16. >> okay it's never too early to think about next year. they face the jaguars in london sometime in late october. the philly central the sixers played their london game and jj reddick adapting nicely and had a 22 point lead and simmons -- sixers oath up 5. and all celtics from there, it gave boston their first lead and then irving with the hoop and he
5:46 pm
had 20 and what happened to international goodwill. the sixers and celtics don't like each other. marcus moore and simmons get into it. they fall 106-103 ending their winning streak. >> they could be in the playoff. >> calling that too. still to come on "action news" the exclusive accuweather forecast. looking live at sky 6 hd camera, a beautiful picture of the skyline. meteorologist, cecily tynan has the details.
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post office employees are in philadelphia recognized for driving 1 million miles accident free. employees were given a plaque and jacket in the bustleton station, according to the safety council more than 500 postal employees have reached the achievement since 2005. >> good for them. time to check the warren setly is here for adam. >> we have weather whiplash. rainy tomorrow and cold over the weekend. if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes. lets go live on sky 6 hd taking a look at spring mountain ski resort. we have skiers and snowboarders out and about in the mountains
5:50 pm
and if you plan on skiing you may want to call some of the mountains are suspending operations due to the rain moving in and the record warmth and fog. and of course sunday the big game at the linc and if you plan ongoing it's going to be very warm tomorrow but saturday will be completely different. temperatures will be crashing through the day and at 4:00 saturday, 32 degrees and 7:00, 27 but consider the wins from the northwest up to 25 miles per hour. the start of the game windchills in the 20s and by the end of the game windchills are dropping down to the teens, dress for winter on saturday. you'll need it. today feeling like spring. 54 in philadelphia. and down to the high of 58. 15 degrees above normal. typical for early april and allentown and reading and atlantic city airport 52 and hit 62 earlier today. that is the record high. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this warm air all
5:51 pm
in advance from the developing storm system. it's pretty intense snow north of chicago and heavy rain from the deep south and tapping into tropical moisture than moves our way tomorrow and into saturday morning. so tomorrow, morning fog and temperatures near record highs, philadelphia 64 and a record for philadelphia in the 70s so not for philly but allentown likely a new record high of 62 and reading a record high of 63 degrees and comes with rain. future tracker 6 timing out the rain, 6:00 if the morning we'll have showers around and generally light especially areas south and east of philadelphia. as we head into the afternoon the rain really fills in by 3:00 i-95 areas north and west it is pouring and a bit of a break friday night and an arctic boundary moves into with another wave of rain perhaps icing in the poconos and behind that, this is when temperatures will be crashing and we do dry out by
5:52 pm
the afternoon. actually by midmorning on saturday. the key points friday into saturday morning a soaking rain generally 1 to 2 inches of rain could cause localized street flooding and rainfall is below average and temperatures dropping quickly on saturday and it's winnie. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 64 tomorrow and it comes with the clouds and rain on saturday. winds pick up and temperatures in the 30s and sunday the high only 27 degrees and monfor martin luther king day increasing clouds and could have snow developing late monday night and tuesday we could get accumulating light snow at this point doesn't look to be a major snow storm. 34 and lingering flurries behind the system 28 and thursday brisk and cold with a high of 30 degrees, so warm and rainy tomorrow but winter makes a come back in a big way this weekend.
5:53 pm
>> thank you cecily. meantime on the people scene, bon jovi fans get ready to rock with their fivity singer, the new jersey native and rock legend announced the, this house is not for sale tour. buy tickets starting january 19th it's a big year for bon jovi, is he being inducted into the rock 'n roll hall-of-fame. >> and sad news from eric clapton he revealed he is going deaf. and it causes constant ringing in the ears and could be caused by loud noises. the 72-year-old talked about the the nerve damage that hampered his ability to play guitar but despite that clapton says he is going to work but not playing as many gigs as we once did. tanya harding is opening up about the infamous baton attack
5:54 pm
on nancy kerrigan. she tells abc news what her life is like ever since. >> you said this, 23 years later there are people that believe that you actually carried out that whack. >> yes. >> why do you think that is? >> because they don't listen. >> the media had me convicted of doing something wrong before i had even done anything at all. i am always the bad person. >> back in 1994 a hired hitman clubbed kerrigan on the right knee during a practice for the u.s. figure skating championships. find out what tanya harding told abc about the attack in the two hour special truth and lies, the tanya harding story, tonight at 9:00 on 6 abc.
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5:56 pm
a festive sell brings today at the philadelphia zoo as
5:57 pm
mattoba celebrated his 33 birthday. the silver back low land gorilla opened gifts wrapped in green paper and had a themed cake. guests were on hand to help this dad mark the special occasion. happy birthday. >> put him on the oh fencive line saturday. >> we could use him. jim gardner is standing by with these stories. mourners gather to say good-bye to the fire lieutenant killed in the line of duty. and a 12 hour standoff in south jersey ends with the suspect found dead and the police questioning a woman in the home. and eagles playoff excitement reaching a fever pitch. those stories and more next at 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night tonight. el: broke, homeless,
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the basilica of saints peter and paul for the afternoon viewing that is still going on the l lee -- letourneau was killed battle a blaze. christie is live tonight at the basilica.
6:00 pm
they say good-bye tonight with the funeral tomorrow. >> reporter: that is right. there is a steady stream of people since the doors opened at 4:30, this is the first of two public viewings. every now and then there is a line that forms around the block and it's a snapshot of how respected letourneau was in the community. the line of mourners wrapped around the block friends and colleagues and strangers waited to pay their respects. >> and there was community people in line and that didn't start yet. it sends a message that people out there do care. >> a caravan of flashing lights and police cars escorted the body of lieutenant matthew letourneau. he was pinned under rubble battling a two alarm fire in philadelphia. >> there could be a result


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